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You will leave our office feeling better! Living with chronic pain can be debilitating and we are here to help. We offer a combination of therapies to treat pain. In addition to our father/son team of chiropractors, we also have professional massage therapists on staff and a licensed Naturopathic Physician well as the best machines, equipment and tools for treatment. Massage in conjunction with chiropractic makes sense; loosen the muscles pulling on the spine before or during the course of treatment of adjusting the spine. But we also teach our patients how to strengthen those muscles on their own so you don’t keep getting tight or weak and you can actually begin to heal your body.
Our bodies are the result of our individual movement patterns. No one is out of shape; we’re all in the exact shape that we train for. If you don’t train, that’s the shape you’re in. Manipulating vertebrae is a useless practice without addressing the entire muscular structure of a human body and how that body moves on a regular basis. That is what we do best at Peterson Chiropractic and Acupuncture.

Restore Harmony and Balance

We treat
allergic rhinitis
back pain
herniated discs
high and low blood pressure
joint pain
knee pain
low-frequency hearing loss
Ménière disease
neck pain
rheumatoid arthritis
rotator cuff syndrome
tennis elbow
vertigo and more…


Acupuncture is a method of encouraging the body to promote natural healing and to improve its functioning. This is done by inserting fine needles at very precise points on the body. These points lie on channels of Qi, defined as energy or the body’s vital life force that sustains and regulates all of its functions. An ancient Chinese medicinal treatment, acupuncture stimulates the body to increase the natural healing process and enhance your overall health. In this alternative medicinal stimulation, depending on the aliment the patient is suffering from, needles are inserted at specific acupuncture points and stimulation in the form of heat or electricity is then applied to heal the body.



We offer a combination of therapies including:


spinal decompression,


e-stim machine,

intersegmental traction (rolling massage table),

active release,

facilitated stretching,

therapeutic ultrasound,

myofascial release

& manual chiropractic adjustment.



Chiropractic massage is an alternative medicine system that plays a beneficial role in enhancing musculo-skeletal efficiency. This in turn leads to an improvement of the overall health of the patient. Unlike conventional medicinal treatments, chiropractic massages do not have any negative side effects.
Soft tissue injuries and muscle spasms can easily be treated with this therapy. Many patients have experienced better overall health in body and in mind using a combination of massage with chiropractic treatment.




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About Peterson Chiropractic & Wellness

The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet and in the cause and prevention of disease. – Thomas A. Edison

Are you in search of an expert chiropractic expert in Ridgefield, CT? Dr. Nickolas L Peterson is the person you are looking for. Dr. Peterson is a renowned expert in preventative and restorative chiropractic care in Ridgefield. Patients of all age groups can avail various chiropractic treatments provided by Dr. Peterson in the Ridgefield, CT area. Supported by his highly skilled staff, his clinic ensures that people looking for preventative and restorative chiropractic care and treatment are provided with the most innovative treatment procedures in the chiropractic field.

Dr. Peterson is of the opinion that if a person is given accurate information, he or she is capable of taking logical and educated decisions that will have positive effects on their health. However, this can be achieved only if the patient is given the right information by the healthcare provider, chiropractor, or whomever in the medical profession is disseminating advice. And in order to ensure that the patient also trusts his doctor, an ideal doctor-patient relationship needs to exist.

Dr. Peterson and his skilled staff ensures that each patient visiting the clinic is provided with the right kind of information in a trustful manner. Detailed information on preventative and restorative medicine can be found on our website that is thoroughly checked for its authenticity. Treatment options that Dr. Peterson, Chiropractor Ridgefield, CT provides include:

  • Custom Foot Orthotics
  • Sports Injury Treatment
  • Massage Ridgefield, CT Therapy
  • Acupuncture Ridgefield, CT
  • Manipulations/Adjustments and Spinal Decompression

Years of experience, trust, and advanced technology enables Dr. Peterson and his team to offer chiropractic treatment to patients that is unparalleled in Ridgefield. Individuals and families can visit Peterson Chiropractic and Wellness to experience firsthand the knowledge Dr. Peterson and his team possesses and how they employ it to provide the best in class chiropractic treatment to residents of Ridgefield, CT and beyond.


Dr. Nicholas A Peterson

Specializing in sports medicine, soft tissue injuries, and spinal rehabilitation • Certified Acupuncturist

Dr. Nicholas specializes in providing treatment in soft tissue injuries, sports medicine and spinal rehabilitation. Being an athlete himself, Dr. Nicholas has been:
• Assistant captain, Life University Skating Eagles (five-times national champions of ACHA Div. II Men’s Hockey)
• Starting Pitcher, Hamilton College Colonials men’s baseball team

At present, Dr. Nicholas helps young athletes in the Ridgefield area practice safe sports and avoid injuries. He also helps the athletes in optimizing their performance with Sports Chiropractic, ART, PIR, and specific core training on Powerplates.

Dr. Nickalos L. Peterson

Family Practice • Nutritional Counseling • Certified Acupuncturist • Certified in Rehabilitative Therapy

The driving force behind Peterson Chiropractic and Wellness, Dr. Peterson specializes in:
• Family practice
• Nutritional counselling
• Acupuncture
Practicing chiropractic in Ridgefield, CT for last 30-years, Dr. Peterson has helping patients from the same location for last 25 years. Even since Dr. Peterson started practicing chiropracty, he has been continually educating himself to ensure that all patients of Peterson Chiropractic and Wellness receive the most advanced and comprehensive chiropractic care.

Dr. Layli Harandi

Naturopathic Physician

My mission for personalized medicine is the cornerstone for treatment and prevention. My goal is to educate and empower my patients to uncover symptoms and to treat the underlying cause.

I have been in practice since 2008 providing my patients with individual natural care. My knowledge in Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Nutritional Biochemistry and Chinese Medicine has allowed the patient to succeed in weight loss, manage arthritis, & pain management. I am devoted to helping each person heal and improve their health.

Learn About Spider Technique Taping



    "For years, I was unable to walk properly due to pain in my left leg. Despite paying $500 to my orthopedist, he was unable to find any problem. Right at the first visit, Dr. Peterson found that the problem was in my hip area and treating the root cause will alleviate the pain. Thanks to Dr. Peterson, the pain is gone and I can continue with a normal life once again."



    "Can you imagine even turning your head can be a problem? Even if I managed to do so forcefully, a searing pain used to run down my arms. This was followed by excruciating pain in the fingers as if they were dipped in boiling water. That’s when I decided to call Peterson Chiropractic and Wellness. Though I had not heard about them, I think it was the wisest decision of my life. Both Dr. Nicholas and Dr. Peterson spent considerable time understanding the root cause of problem. During the treatment period, I could tell their methods were working. I am leading a normal life now. I can move around freely without having to think about any pain. I would highly recommend Peterson Chiropractic and Wellness to everyone."



    "My back pain is gone. My condition has improved dramatically and I am able to maintain an active life, thanks to Peterson Chiropractic and Wellness."



    "Before coming to Peterson Chiropractic and Wellness, I have not heard about chiropractic care. I used to suffer from migraine attacks once a month for the last three years. This used to affect my personal and professional life as well. But ever since I started my treatment with Dr. Peterson, my life is back to normal, thank you. "