Top Wellness Suggestions

You can work on these suggestions for a better and healthy living:
• Stand straight with your chin in an upright position. Wear comfy shoes if you intend to stand for a long time. Michael Pena’s character in End of Watch even mentioned this.
• If you have a job like most people that forces you to sit all day long, then you should make sure to get up from your desk after every 30 minutes or so. While sitting, keep your feet firmly fixed on the ground.
• Avoid lifting heavy objects. Even while lifting light objects, make sure you use the proper lifting technique.
• A warm-up session is essential before executing any strenuous activity.
• Use a headset or speaker if your work involves long telephonic conversations.
• Rest or sleep in the appropriate positions, i.e. don’t strain your neck or back. You should sleep on your back.
• Use olive oil for food preparation. It contains a rich source of Monounsaturated Fats (MUFA) and promises diverse health benefits.