Spinal Degeneration Phases

Degeneration Phase 1
This phase occurs when there is a small loss of regular spine balance as well as spinal curve. The adjacent features of the spine like discs, nerves, and joints start aging fast and are incessantly more stressed. In most of the cases, patients do not experience any major pain during this phase.

Degeneration Phase 2
During this phase, you’ll find the discs narrowing, which causes back pain and aches. Bone deformations are also common. Your posture too starts degenerating at this phase. With adequate care, you can improve your problem and get rid of symptoms like stress and fatigue.

Degeneration Phase 3
In the third stage, you’ll experience major physical and psychological changes. Nerve damage and deformation of the discs and bones are likely to occur. You’ll also feel less energetic at this point of time.

Degeneration Phase 4
During this stage, the damage is usually permanent. Problems like scar tissue, damage to your nerves, and deformation are common.