Sports Chiropractic


One sign that a muscle has chronic shortness or a lesion in the tendon is the presence of a trigger point or painful nodule within a muscle belly.

Soft tissue techniques comprise of methodologies such as:

  • Active Release Technique (ART)
  • Post-Isometric Relaxation (PIR)
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Acupuncture and Acupressure

The following common sports injuries are treated using the above mentioned methods and include:

  • Rotator cuff injuries – Baseball pitchers, other types of athletes, and tennis players often suffer from a common injury called rotator cuff lesions. Costly and career crippling surgical intervention can be avoided altogether if treated early.
  • Tennis elbow or lateral epincondylytis – Tennis players and golfers usually suffer from this injury. Soft tissue manipulation can easily rectify the problem. Pain is prolonged with trigger points that may last for months or even years.
  • Ankle sprains
  • Neck and back strains



The chances of an injury can be reduced and peak performance can be achieved by an athlete by enhancing their core strength. To achieve this, Powerplate can be used effectively. It is a vibration machine that primarily is used for increasing your core strength and also for rehabilitation.

Vibrating at 25 Hz, the frequency at which the equipment vibrates recruits 100% of your muscle fiber and also increases the production of human growth hormone in the body. Peterson Chiropractic and Wellness is the only athletic training center in Ridgefield, Connecticut which offers this service.


Athletes get injured, that is part of the profession – that is part of life. As the body, especially the muscles, is already performing at peak level, the chances of injury are high. Taping the appropriate muscles can arrest the injury to a significant level, especially if done by a professional. Moreover, taping does not restrict the movement of the athlete which is critical.